Pretty damn good for a band from Trinidad, Colorado!

A sometimes political and sometimes funny and sometimes political and funny at the same time punk outfit on the Snappy Little Numbers record label.

"A long time ago there were punk bands before they were trying to be 'punk.' Bands that took the rock and roll aesthetic and turned it on its head. Townies, a band from the south of Colorado, are a modern version of such a band, caring little about what genre lanes bands are supposed to stay in. Their music isn't the fast 'n' loud raucous stuff that punk became; it's more influenced by power pop, surf, and garage, in the same way as early bands such as The Dead Kennedys were. The songs are edgy while remaining melodic, raw while still retaining a sense of cohesiveness and immediacy ... destined to become a classic."
 -- Paul Silver, Jersey Beat (jerseybeat.com/paulsilver.html)

"They're not shy about their influences, which run the gamut of late '70s/early '80s California punk, from the surfy side of the early DEAD KENNEDYS to FEAR (via a spirited cover of 'I Don't Care About You') and the AVENGERS. All gloriously lo-fi and politically barbed."
 -- Ramsey Kanaan, Maximum Rocknroll (maximumrocknroll.com/band/townies)

"Rock 'n' rolling punk ... decidedly out of time and less worried with being hip than kicking ass."
 -- Niek, Add To Wantlist (addtowantlist.com)

"All the fast 'n' sloppy guitars and pissed-off vocals you can handle."
 -- Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter (santafereporter.com)

"It's great."
 -- Bryant Liggett, Durango Herald (durangoherald.com)


Townies (CO) tour dates


Photo by Jo Bohlander

Photo by Courtney Nicholson-Paine


"Shit Beer" live from Anarchy Brewing, September 2nd, 2023, in Durango, CO...

"Street Justice" live from the basement of the Trinidad Lounge, filmed early 2023 during the Revolver recording session...

Our good pal Zabe Holloway at Holloway Video helped us make this music vid for "Hooray!" at Trinidad's beloved Skateland...


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